What's In a Name?

Your brand name needs to be on everyone's lips. How do you make that happen? Great social media engagement, influencers, and outstanding customer service. Reaching your target market is our goal.

Amazon is the Place to Be

If you have a great product, you need to be on Amazon! Brand awareness, category ranking and a spectacular online presentation are important factors that determine the success of your product.

Focus on Your Business

The most important part of your business is...all of it. Unfortunately, you can't do it all yourself. Fortunately, we can take the stress of social media management and online content creation off your shoulders.

If you're not on social media...you're way behind.

Social media is not something to take lightly. It's serious business for your business. People are tired of ads and being marketed to all the time - they want businesses that they know will be responsive to their needs. Social media allows companies to understand the needs of their consumers in real time.

A well-written ad or a recommendation from a friend will get a customer in the door, but great customer service and accessibility (through social media channels your customers are already using) will make them return to you time and again.

We create and manage social media campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Let's find your customers and have a conversation.

Do you have a brand that's not on Amazon?

Why not?! We will create special A+ brand pages that will help you get listed on the first page of your product category. Creative, keyword rich content and beautiful photos will make your listings stand out. Well-placed Amazon ads will encourage new customers to try your brand. Engaging with every customer that buys your product on Amazon would be great, right? We can do all that. Give us a call.


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